Register for the Christmas Parade

Register for the Christmas Parade

Email, mail or call us to register your group for the Parade.

On making this request, we understand:

1.) All units in the line of march MUST BE PROPERLY IDENTIFIED.
2.) That we should keep 50 yard between divisions and 25 yards between units.
3.) There is to be no maneuvering, counter or side marching by any group that will in any way slow the forward movement of the parade. Units that violate this request will be disqualified for trophy awards.

By applying does NOT mean that my group will automatically be included in the Christmas Parade. All request will be reviewed by Tom Kerr, Parade Chairman and the Parade Committee. Either way, you will be notified by the Parade Committee accepting or declining your request to participate in the parade due to availability.

Please mail, email, or call prior to October, 15th prior to included in the parade.

Please mail requests to "Mayor's Christmas Parade" c/o John T. Kerr, Chairman, 4207 Edgehill Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21211.

Phone: (410) 366-0726 Email: